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We offer choreographed hoop dance acts as well as ambient performances for various events and videos. Our hoops are of the highest quality, fully stocked with hundreds of bright LED's and designs to personalize any theme. We share the joy of hooping with adults and children alike in classes, parties, community events and much more.



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We are professional and well rounded performers that will impress and WOW any client. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for your next event!



We are a San Francisco based hoopdance team that combines dance with hula hooping for head turning moves! We love taking our hooplove everywhere we go so get ready for a hoopy good time!

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gallery/otillia hoops in the park

Both Otillia and Audrey have been passionately hooping for 5 years and performing for two years. They knew teaching was the next step as they love connecting with their community. Both ladies are insured hoop teachers and performers passing the message of fitness, health, and fun with hula hoops!

Otillia Ward was born in south africa and immigrated to the usa in 2004. She completed her Bachelors here in San francisco and discovered her love for the Flow Arts. Otillia is a kindergarten teacher and became a Certified HoopLove Coach in 2016. She believes hooping is a joyful activity with health benefits both for the mind and body at any age.

Audrey is a Registered Nurse and a practicing Doula. She grew up in Colorado and New Mexico and felt a connection to dance and expression at an early age. Audrey is inspired to share her love for hoop dance and to bring out joy and playfulness in others through hula hooping. She enjoys interacting with children and adults alike with bubbles and hoops!

Meet The Team

Julie Mastrine is a San Francisco-based fire dancer and LED performer who has performed on stage at conferences, public art openings, private parties and nightclubs in the Bay Area and in Austin, TX. She uses a variety of props to dazzle and delight audiences, including poi, fans, and hula hoops.

Amy Mastrine is an artist who embodies her art. A painter, fire dancer, and psychedelic professional living in San Francisco, Amy has performed at conferences, nightclubs, and major festivals from the Bay Area to Austin, TX. 


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